AeyeQ Social Distance Detector

Detect if people are following the social distance guidelines, register the violations, combining this with our people counter creates an even more ideal solution.
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AeyeQ Mask Detection

Detect when people are wearing masks, being able to combine it with our AeyeQ Social Distance detection makes it a strong solution.
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Safety gear access control

AeyeQ Safety Gear Access Control

Prevent anybody with the wrong safety gear from entering your premises, connect it to the access control system and revoke access until the personal safety gear is mounted.
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AeyeQ Safety Gear Detection

Some people are walking around in your company without the correct safety gear. At certain key-points, you are able to add the ‘AeyeQ Safety Gear Detection’ and have your staff warned when this event would occur.
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AeyeQ Traffic Jam Detection

Detect and prevent traffic jam situations, control your traffic displays or other traffic guidance system.
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AeyeQ Accident Detection

Imagen how fast your system could act in case of an accident. Early Accident Warning system to detect accidents, control your traffic monitoring system, redirect traffic from the moment an accident has happened.
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AeyeQ Illegal Truck Overtaking

Automated illegal truck overtaking detection system, automate your safety system and make it possible to automatically fine violators. Add other detection systems like ‘AeyeQ Weather Detection’ to detect violators only under Weather circumstances.
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AeyeQ Weather Detection

‘What if’ it rains? Automated the ‘What if’ and automate different actions when it rains, when the sun is shining or when there is fog. Control your fining system to fine only under certain circumstances.
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AeyeQ Illegal Pedestrian Detection

Automate the detection of Illegal Pedestrians, detect pedestrians when they are in danger, integrate with a warning system or connect to a police patrol to intervene in dangerous circumstance.
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Making Your Imagination Possible

AeyeQ provides you to ‘ready to go’ solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning applications from real world scenario’s, integrated in different Video Management Systems.
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