Safety gear detection

Safety gear detection

Wearing safety gear correctly at all times and places

In open-air it is compulsory to wear a high visibility vest, on visits at high-risk departments safety goggles and in the lab a lab coat.  Wearing specific personal protective equipment is very important to prevent injuries and physical damage. Certain occupations and certain risk areas require different equipment.

Human checks are often not enough. Moreover, it is not possible to carry out checks at every moment and in every place. Smart cameras monitor and influence human behavior. You can easily compare it with a speed camera or section control on a motorway: through control, people drive slower. The presence of cameras on the work floor ensures better compliance with safety regulations.

Smart cameras detect

Smart cameras installed in risk zones detect non-wearing, incorrect wearing and/or incorrect protective equipment in certain zones. The algorithm distinguishes, for example, between safety goggles and normal glasses or professional lab coats. 
The smart cameras communicate with an alarm system or immediately give a signal or an appropriate message that urges you to wear the appropriate equipment (correctly). 


  • Certainty about wearing the correct safety equipment in certain areas
  • No more human checks so that these employees can be deployed elsewhere
  • A greater sense of responsibility by staff/visitors precisely because they know there are smart cameras
  • Absolute guarantee of wearing the safety equipment, no more influence by human behaviour.  

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to prevent accidents in safety zone.

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