Railway crossing safety

Railway crossing safety


The railway crossing is a dangerous part of the road. It hides a lot of unpredictable situations that may cost the safety of many people at once. Malfunctioning of safety equipment, risky and malicious behaviour of vehicles and pedestrians, traffic violations and many others.  
The solution to this problem contains many components. Discover how AeyeQ tackled this challenge! 

How AeyeQ helps?  


The installation of 2 smart AI cameras enables day and night viewing of the railway crossing with ensured stable performance under any weather conditions. The intelligent devices aimed to track different vehicles and pedestrians. Local and continuous recording helps to provide valuable insights into the traffic situation and revise occurring problems if needed.  


To investigate further into the traffic situation, the AI visual installation produces statistical quantitative data of roads capacity. The cameras are not only counting the participants but also have the ability to distinguish between vehicles and pedestrians and identify the exact type of transport. 


As an advocate for a smarter world, AeyeQ aims to solve ongoing safety problems, detect risky and malicious behaviour, and prevent accidents in case of railroad equipment failure. 

Malfunctioning of railroad crossing 

Failure to maintain a safe crossing for all traffic agents can potentially have a fatal impact. AeyeQ cameras ensure the correct preventive measures are taken to secure the traffic. The smart system builds a connection between the image and the sound to safeguard each crossing participant. It can detect the position of entry and exit barriers including broken barriers, malfunctioning of alert lighting or/and bells sounds. 

Traffic violation and risky behaviour 

Not all crossing participants are obeying traffic rules. To compensate for the behavioural unpredictability of pedestrians and vehicles, the AI cameras trained to recognize risky behaviour such as passing on a red light or in the chicane, catch movement with exceeding 30km/h speed and more. This serves the purposes of manual sanctioning of risky vehicles and alerting train driver of obstacle on their track.  

Malicious acts and incivilities 

The intelligent AI system helps to avoid bigger and more specific issues as multiple types of degradation, including damaged road of the crossing, robberies and accidents involving the barriers and vehicles. Timely detection of those problems positively contributes to the general safety of railway crossing and reduces the risk of further incidents. 

Not a railway to monitor but another dangerous place? Of course, that is one of the possibilities.


  • Decrease in the numbers of accidents
  • Discouraging of malicious and risky behaviours
  • Preventive solution of malfunctioning safety and alert equipment
  • Valuable statistics about traffic and capacity 

Which AeyeQ products?

The AeyeQ Augur Panoramic is used.

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