Quality control for medical purposes

Quality control for medical purposes  

When it comes to our health, there should be no negotiations about the quality. The manufacturers should effectively detect abnormalities and defects to avoid jeopardizing the quality of results and ensure excellence for the end customer.   

The era of AI technology brought new perspectives from the medical products industry. The use of machines lowered the rate of production inefficiencies and speeded up the process to timely deliver the medical solution. Read how AeyeQ improves quality control in the productions of medical compression fabric!  

Detecting dirt and other undesirable particles

The task of the manufacturer to eliminate the presence of dust and dirt in the production process is important, yet often complicated. The AeyeQ camera with machine vision technology provides guarantees that small particles invisible to the human eye will not escape the detection.  

Detecting of fabric holes  

The presence of fabric holes could significantly interfere with the healing qualities of the product. AeyeQ’s visual system is proven to be competent in identifying insufficient padding and could easily spot breaks on the fabric surface. 

Compliance with specific requirements  
Among the production’s specific, the elastic compression material is impregnated with ointment that needs to be equally applied in the whole piece of textile. The camera assesses the correctness of medical cream’s amount and its identical distribution. 


  • Improved end-customer satisfaction 
  • Better quality control of products 
  • Lower rate of production’ inefficiency and mistakes 
  • Saved costs on defective stock 

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