How to improve city management e.g. in Brussels?

City management is a complex and complicated task. How would big cities like Brussels improve the comfort of their citizens if the city governments had access to the elaborated city-data?  

How would Grand Place change if the tourist board knew more information about visitors’ traffic and behaviour? Do they enter the market via the Guldenhoofdstraat or the Heuvelstraat? Do people walk in groups (with a city guide) or alone, on foot, by bike or scooter? Imagine how all this data could positively contribute to the dynamics of touristic places, and their logistics!  

Smart city coordination  

Being the headquarter of the EU Parliament imposes a lot of expectations on Brussels. The city is the face of Europe and should set a good example to other capitals. Brussels aims to achieve sustainability and quality of its operation, and AI technology comes as an important part of those goals. Optimized street and traffic lighting, detection of abandoned and lost objects, effective streamline of crowds, and timely identification of garbage are all examples of benefits that could improve the comfort and safety of the city.

Emergency services could be strategically positioned throughout Brussels to ensure quick reactions to different situations regardless of the crowd or transport traffic.

Optimized city life  

Rich history and culture are a true attraction from millions of tourists that visit the Belgian capital every year. The impression that the city makes on its visitors is an essential aspect of Brussels life. The satisfaction by the experience is shaped by not only optimized city logistics but also by the flexibility to adapt to the needs of every tourist. The analyzed behaviour could help to improve accessibility and solve other micro-management problems. City businesses can also benefit by optimized to the touristic flow promotions.

Privacy is incredibly important, the AI cameras do not identify or film people but recognize and measure objects

How does an AI camera work?

AI camera with a strong lens measures data and converts it into useful insights. The data is filtered and interpreted with the integration of sensors and artificial intelligence. The city could make immediate use of it by making information available to organizations or immediately converting it into targeted actions.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of this solution? Contact us so together we could create the right solution.  


  • Better city management
  • Optimized touristic flows
  • Optimized street and traffic lighting
  • Identification of garbage

Which AeyeQ products?

The AeyeQ Augur Panoramic is used in Brussels.

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