How Edge AI helps the environment?

Detecting garbage

Every year governments spend tons of financial and human resources to improve the littering situation and clean the world around us. Regardless of the existing efforts, abandoned garbage continues to slowly penetrate every corner of our public places, natural parks, rivers, and seas, etc.   

AeyeQ wants to be in the frontline of the fight against mountains of litter and unlocks the AI camera power to back up different environmental projects with an innovative technology approach.   

Detecting waste  

The smart cameras identify wastes on different types of surfaces.

“We can even detect waste in the water, even before it is on the conveyor belt,” says Stefaan Joos, CEO of AeyeQ.

A wonderful example of AI cameras in action is AeyeQ’s collaboration with Ocean Cleanup, the project of Dutch environmentalist Boyan Slat, where the smart cameras were used to clean up plastic garbage from rivers and oceans.   

If placed on a car, this technology could ease the garbage collection with timely identification of litter in various city locations and send a signal to the cleaning crew. The collected data could be used further in the analysis of the hot littering places and hours to take appropriate steps to prevent or mitigate the situation.  

Nudging sorting behaviour  

Machine power has already contributed to minimizing garbage impact on the environment. Smart technology is actively used in recycling by analyzing the type of waste and sorting them by respective categories. Yet, human waste mistakes or illegal dumping can disrupt the effectiveness of this process.   

AI technology can participate in nudging the sorting behaviour of citizens. Smart cameras track and analyze people’s behavioural habits, spot trends and give data insights. The government can make data-driven decisions on targeted campaigns, better public education, or more garbage bins.   


  • Helps with change behaviour
  • Gives data insights
  • Makes data-driven decisions possible

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to detecting garbage.

  • Jetson Roof camera

    AeyeQ Augur Vehicle

    This Super Smart Camera has the ability to handle all your smart solutions on the road.

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  • Camera

    AeyeQ Augur

    This Super Smart Camera is an allrounder because he has the ability to handle all your smart solutions.

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  • Edge GPU

    AeyeQ Visionair

    Handles all your existing smart solutions to unleash the full potential of AI.

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