How can AI reduce forklift accidents?

Forklifts are one of the handiest pieces of equipment in a modern warehouse. They come with a maximum speed of 18mph and have the capability to carry 5000 kg of different components, making them the go-to equipment for a facility.

As much fun as these little vehicles may look, forklifts are associated with 85 deaths every year. These fascinating machines have also recorded approximately 34,900 serious injuries and 61,800 minor injuries each year. Some of the most common causes of accidents are being hit by a forklift or it being flipped.

A lot of traditional methods for increasing safety measures were implemented by the manufacturing companies in the warehouses. Over the years, they have developed a training program for the drivers, including safety, organization, and using a well-operated forklift. 

Despite the advantages of using these methods, forklifts are still associated with almost 90,000 accidents every year making them one of the most dangerous parts of equipment in the warehouse today.  

How can AI reduce forklift accidents?

Computer vision technology is creating a more professional, smoother, and safer workspace in the industry. The data generated from computer vision enable supervisors and managers to measure key performance indicators and check safety.

Let’s see how AI is raising safety standards with forklift accident cases in the industry: 

  • Workplace safety is an important part of employees’ satisfaction. The well-being of every worker depends on correctly worn safety gear equipment at every moment. Our smart camera measures and identifies the safety gear worn by every employee. It also warns if the equipment is missing or incorrectly worn to the concerned authority.
  • Intelligent vision analyzes the movements of each forklift and its driver. It can warn the driver about the potentially dangerous situation that can occur. The process is performed by light sensors or alarm sounds that are installed in each forklift to prevent accidents.
  • Intelligent vision also tracks forklift blind spots which could give a warning in case a pedestrian is crossing or standing in that area, further activating the alarm, and stopping the forklift.
  • One of the aspects of our smart tech is that it reads the bar codes on each product by sorting and identifying them, which increases efficiency plus helps to re-direct human labour to other important activities or optimizing resources.
  • Our smart cameras can help in detecting fire or smoke in a hazardous condition, by setting up an alarm and warning the concerned department to act.
  • One of the key features of our cameras is to measure and identify data. Our cameras measure the pathway of each forklift in real-time. This process helps determine a routing system for the forklift which helps in making the facility more organized and safer.
  • There are many possible behaviour patterns of a driver that could lead to dangerous situations. Our specialized camera can detect the abnormal behaviour of the driver. Fatigue, drowsiness, distraction, mobile phone use, non-use of a seatbelt. To know more about how it works, read our study case on the Driver safety system.

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to prevent accidents in safety zone.

  • Camera

    AeyeQ Augur Spectr

    The AeyeQ Augur Spectr Camera has the ability to handle all your smart solutions, available with a 21 TOPs Jetson Xavier NX.

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