How bring your sports centre management to the next level?

Local sports facilities are the centres of gravity for different communities. They enable a healthy lifestyle for the citizens and create a harmonious space for interest sharing and local social integration.  
In my cases, the sport centre managers and owners face problems coordinating the visitors’ traffic and develop an activities schedule that is tuned with the city’s life dynamics.   
AI cameras come as a helpful tool to create a healthy and balanced working flow and provide insights for easier sports centre management.   
A smart camera monitors the sports centre’s facility in real-time and helps to organize activities, solve accessibility problems and give new ideas on how to improve your commercial offerings.

Better schedule organization  

Smart camera is enabled with the possibility to count people using the facility and identify a type of movement they are practising. This gives an advantage of an in-depth understanding of how and when customers interact with sports centres. Such knowledge would allow avoiding overcrowding, schedule overlapping, and inefficient working hours of personnel.  

Improved safety on the sports centre campus  

The safety and comfort of visitors are strongly related to customers’ satisfaction. AI cameras become the eyes of the sports facility and observe an ongoing situation to immediately report accidents, inappropriate behaviour, or lost objects. It facilitates timely reactions and ensures safety for every sport participant.   

Control over centre’s cleanness and facilities’ wear and tear   

Gathered statistics about the customers’ flow helps to improve the planning of needed equipment and efficiently organize its stock. Besides that, the sports centre benefits from better alignment between cleaning and sports schedules to keep the facilities in their best condition. 

Better centre’s accessibility  

Smart monitoring of access roads, exits, and entry points help to analyze the accessibility of the sports centre by different mean of transport. Vision device tracks traffic and occupation of parking to understand its business hour by hour and provide ideas for future access improvement.   

Upgraded commercial offer  

AI camera makes it easy to spot and analyze the seasonal and non-seasonal trends. Now, a sports facility manager will be able to adjust a commercial offering to current circumstances, nudge people to take new classes, or re-distribute the customers’ flow according to desired scheduling.  


  • Increased customers’ and employees’ satisfaction 
  • Timely reactions to emergency incidents 
  • Upgraded promotion and offering planning 
  • Saved costs due to better resource distribution 
  • The inflow of new customers 

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to bring your sports centre management to the next level

  • Camera

    AeyeQ Augur

    This Super Smart Camera is an allrounder because he has the ability to handle all your smart solutions.

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  • Panoramic Smart Camera

    AeyeQ Augur Panoramic

    This 360° camera for panoramic capturing is your GDPR compliant IoT sensor.

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