How airports can benefit from AI tech?

One of the most exciting events in anyone’s life is to travel to another place or even visit families, which makes airports a major part of our life. But did you ever think how difficult the whole process of managing the airport or maintaining the airport could be for the management? Well, it’s not easy, let us see what the reasons and problems faced by airports or flights. 

Poor weather conditions, congestion, and aircraft mechanical problems are a few of the causes that prevent airports from operating flight schedules as planned. Flight cancellations, delays in transit are pain points for the management. These irregularities in operations are called disruptions. Disruptions are very common in the airline industry, greatly impacting the operational performance of an airport.

Transit flights 

This is performed on the ramp before every flight. It is intended to ensure continued airworthiness by checking for major defects and deficiencies. The aircraft provides a general report which is reviewed by the line engineer, and he also checks the external damage that occurred to the aircraft. The aircraft external test is done in a traditional way which is taking a walk and trying to trace any damage on the aircraft which takes an immense amount of time with the highest possibility of human errors. 

Advatages of Our Cameras

Quality check 

Our Smart cameras can reform the traditional way by identifying the damage in real-time, providing accurate data, and indicating the concerned authority about the damages. The whole procedures can be safer and less time-consuming.  

Safety check 

The well-being of every worker depends on correctly worn safety gear equipment at every moment. Our smart camera measures and identifies the safety gear worn by every employee at the time of pre-flight check. It also warns if the equipment is missing or incorrectly worn to the concerned authority.

Weather Check 

Our cameras are designed to function in all weather conditions. They are prone to perform in poor weather condition and will not cause any effect on the accurate result of our cameras. 

Aircraft on Ground  

As per the saying, anything can happen anytime, the best examples could be the aircraft which are grounded due to mechanical issue or external damage or an unexpected landing. Adding another task to the daily operational cycle of the airport management.  

The crucial scenario is the aircraft which are grounded due to technical difficulties, maintaining, and taxing them to a hanger on a busy day can be a major issue while carrying such procedure there are a lot of damages caused. Yet there is something even more delicate than these, they are unreported damage. Undetected structural damage, at its worst, can carry very serious damaging potential.  Aircraft ground damage is costly and compromises the safety of passengers and crew members on board, it is such a compelling issue that needs to be addressed on the highest priorities. 

Our smart cameras are the solution. They monitor the whole situation and indicate the structural damage in real-time. They cover the safety of the staff working in the situation, making it a less crucial condition and a perfect solution for the airports to adapt. These cameras can be installed in the route to the hanger to monitor any damage that could possibly happen during the procedure. They will be reporting them to the concerned authorities, solving the undetected structural cases for the management. 


The entire logistics of an aircraft from landing to take-off can be monitored by our cameras to provide an overall analysis of data. This data can be used by the management to optimise resources for the operation, it also helps in constructing a roadmap to manage in case of congestion.  

Our cameras measure the pathway of each aircraft in real-time. This process helps determine a routing system for the aircraft which helps in making the procedure more organized and safer.  


The reason behind calling our cameras smart is the possibility of them learning from the real-time situation and providing a particular result. They can detect any odd behaviour like the security of an airport. They can indicate the security after detecting any suspicious activity, so the necessary action can be taken.  

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to benefit from AI tech.

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