How AI camera improves quality control of frozen food and optimizes resources?

Even in the era of easy deliveries and take-outs, there is something tempting and charming in the piece of frozen pizza. When frozen food is more than a necessity than rare indulge, the customers have higher expectations about the product.

Food quality is one of the most crucial factors when you want to maximize your customer satisfaction. Customers are captious and choose the frozen goods that offer high quality at all times. It translates into the challenge of the meticulous selection of defective products at every production stage to keep customers loyal to a brand.

The companies have a lot on their plate. To adapt to new trends without surging costs, they more than ever need to optimize the resources and re-organize the production flows.

Automation of processes is the ultimate solution that provides productivity and flexibility with no harm to the price-to-quality ratio. Installation of AI cameras eases production by minimizing human errors that affect the quality of a final product and controls the quality before, during, and after frozen food production.

Automated quality control of supplied raw materials

In every recipe, the quality of raw ingredients inevitably influences the taste and feel of the dish. And their quality is even more critical for the frozen food producers because food should preserve its aromas and flavors when reaching the customers’ plate.

AI smart camera integrated to supply scanning line scans supplied goods on the subject of rotten or contaminated raw materials and detects problematic ones. It speeds up the sorting out processes and makes sure that only safe and compliant products reach the next stage.

AI monitoring of food production

Every recipe has defined steps that have to be respected to make a result to match expectations. The same logic applies to food producers that must stick to the production procedures and strictly follow quality and safety guidelines.

AI camera monitors the food production process and analyses the steps to identify defects. It scans the products to detect damaged or not fully frozen goods before packaging and sending them to the shelves of supermarkets.

Automated quality check of the end product

Even if the product is perfectly prepared, the problems with packaging can jeopardize the quality because it interferes with the safety and of the frozen dish.

Smart cameras make it possible to find deficiencies in sealed packages and prevent contamination of the frozen product. It searches for holes, breaks, insufficient sealing, and others to preserve the wholesome of package goods.

Food quality goes hand in hand with safety. Click here to learn more on how to boost food safety with AI camera! 

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