How AI camera boosts food safety?

The entire Covid-19 situation has been difficult for everyone. We hear stories from our friends and relatives who are going through some phase of depression. In such scenarios, We humans tend to make sweets our best friends. A recent study shows chocolate spiked a sale increase of about 5.5% over the last year. 

Europe has strict rules and regulations when it comes to food safety. To meet these regulations for a demanding industry could be a challenging situation. Most practiced safety procedure in such industry is carried out by humans, which can result in neglecting minor obstacle into big blunders.   

The history of the food industry has shown slow growth in adopting new technology, but it is important for companies to adopt AI which helps in monitoring and providing data to make operations more efficient and less time-consuming. Ultimately, AI technology can improve food safety and meet the requirements of mandatory regulations. It also gives managers more control in monitoring every step of the safety procedure. One of the greatest benefits of AI technology is its ability to predict and identify, which can control the error caused by humans. 

How AI makes the access control of a facility smarter? 

Access control 

The need for access control in every facility is generally acknowledged, including access control for the production areaThe main purpose for access control is to monitor the safety of disposable Personal protective such as hair net, aprons, etc. The obvious benefit of access control systems is to limit the entry of unauthorized. persons and employees compromising the safety. Our smart cameras are designed to fulfill the desired task, in this case, our automated system that monitors and identifies if the employee is equipped with required safety gear or no and grants access if required. 

Safe Production  

At the time of production, it is very important to maintain safety, so the quality of the chocolates is not affected, what exactly we mean by this is quality is an integrationist concept. Safety is an attribute of quality; as well as it is also itself an objective of quality. Therefore, when we refer to a quality concept, safety is implicit in it. When quality is high for a business, it can be assumed that standards for the business are generally high, including safety equipment, and processes.  Our cameras effortlessly provide safety monitoring with high-quality problem detection.  

Preventing Accidents  

The responsibility to maintain a safe work environment falls on everyone in the workplace, from the floor staff to the manager. It is the responsibility of everyone to stay alert, pay attention to potential hazards and report them. At the time of accidents how can we prevent them and manage them or what will be the effects on production. Well, the good news is our cameras can warn the control room or concerned department. If there is a serious case, production facilities can be shut down immediately. if required. The visual detection then serves as an emergency stop. 

There is more AI camera does than safety control! Read here how to level up your food quality control with smart vision technology.


  • Reducing accidents in safety zones
  • Safe production, better quality
  • Absolute guarantee of wearing the safety equipment

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