Driver safety system

AeyeQ Vehicle Safety System

Truck vehicle accidents on the rise

Truck driving is one of the most dangerous professions in the world today. Statistics provided by the World Health Organization show that truck & motor vehicle accidents are on the rise.

Truck driving isn’t just dangerous for the driver. Truck and big rig accidents account for the second-highest number of road accident fatalities because they’re usually loaded with heavy cargo. Even a slight mistake or misjudgment by the driver can cause the large vehicle being driven to go out of control, and ram into other vehicles or buildings, causing a loss of both property and life. 

Mistakes made by drivers are one of the most common causes of accidents

Researchers believe that there are several reasons why truck accidents are more common than any other type of road accident. The top reasons reported for truck driver error are: traveling too fast for the conditions, unfamiliarity with highway, over-the-counter drug use, inadequate surveillance, fatigue, stress or pressure from carrier, illegal maneuver, inattention and distractions.

Smart sensitivity detection

AeyeQ products detect the abnormal behaviour of the driver. Fatigue, drowsiness, distraction, mobile phone use, smoking, non-use of seatbelts and consumption of food or drinks, … there are many possible behaviour patterns of a driver that could lead to dangerous situations.

The system takes into account the circumstances (geolocation and timestamp) and specific situations (vehicle speed). Lighting a cigarette seems less dangerous in a slow traffic jam than during rush hour in a big city. Eating an apple would also be healthier. But nutritional advice is not a speciality of AeyeQ.

Alarm in the cab

Certain behaviours of the driver lead to an immediate alarm e.g. activating flashing lights or playing a sound signal. Other actions, such as not wearing a seatbelt, prevent the engine from starting, for example.

All these behaviours are stored in a database. An administrator user can extract all kinds of information from this database which can initiate certain events or actions.

Smart information advantages

The raw data of all the behaviours of all drivers are converted into relevant information that can lead to policy information. The conclusions from this can lead to taking certain actions. Think of fitness programs for a certain category of drivers, a redistribution of routes or a refinement of the ideal profile of a driver according to type of truck.  In time, this information may even form the basis for a good discussion with insurance companies. If, as a company, you can demonstrate that, by collecting data, certain actions are taken – which, moreover, result in fewer accidents – you have a solid basis for discussing conditions. 


  • Fewer accidents
  • Aligning the right driver to the right route, type of cargo, truck, etc.
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Happy drivers 

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to prevent accidents in safety zone.

  • Camera

    AeyeQ Augur

    This Super Smart Camera is an allrounder because he has the ability to handle all your smart solutions.

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  • Edge GPU

    AeyeQ Visionair

    Handles all your existing smart solutions to unleash the full potential of AI.

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