Railway crossing safety

Railway crossing safety Problem  The railway crossing is a dangerous part of the road. It hides a lot of unpredictable situations that may cost the safety of many people at once. Malfunctioning of safety equipment, risky and malicious behaviour of vehicles and pedestrians, traffic violations and many others.  The solution to this problem contains many components. …

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Preventing accidents in safety zones

Every company with a small or large site always has zones with a higher risk. Entering these zones is forbidden or only allowed under certain circumstances. These zones are consequently more susceptible to accidents.

Safety gear access control

Prevent anybody with the wrong safety gear from entering your premises, connect it to the access control system and revoke access until the personal safety gear is mounted.

Safety gear detection

Safety gear detection

Some people are walking around in your company without the correct safety gear. At certain key-points, you are able to add the ‘AeyeQ Safety Gear Detection’ and have your staff warned when this event would occur.

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