Automated visual bricks quality control

Automated visual bricks quality control

The concepts of home and family often go hand-in-hand with each other. Family is built out of people who are like bricks in the house create a unique strong structure. And if the unity of the family is determined by the solidity of every member, what factors contribute to the firmness of the roof above their head?

The construction industry grows with humanity, and every other industry has a trend for a technological update for its rusty operational processes. The main challenge comes from the higher demand for the safety of the construction materials. Quality control should be approached with extreme priority.  

How does an AI camera work?  

The integrated into the sorting and packaging line, the smart camera with a combination of appropriate lighting provide an insight into the presence of brick’s defects that could interfere with the safety of the end construction.   

The AI vision device carefully inspects each side of the material and identifies the white spots, cracks, craters, and other related issues. Also, the smart camera has the capability of estimate the tilting angle of the brick to assess its usability and filter out the outcasts that do not satisfy the requirements.   
The seamless integration of the smart camera in the manufacturing line helps to efficiently scale up the analysis and make the quality control fast yet productive.   

How does the AeyeQ camera help?  

Detection of bricks’ defects  

The AI camera successfully finds the different types of deficiency in the bricks’ structure. It detects deformation of the outer surface including white spots, cracks, and the steep tilting angle of side parts. Besides external analysis, the vision device looks for internal flaws such as hidden cracks and empty spots.   

Detection of blooming  

The blooming on the bricks could be a nice aesthetic addition as much as a problem depending on the initially planned design. The AeyeQ camera can define this characteristic and improve the speed and performance of the sorting process.   

Quality control automation

The installation of the smart device gives an advantage of improved performance time through automated sorting. Quality control will take substantially less internal resources and allow better distribution of a company’s capital and capabilities.


  • Fast and efficient materials sorting
  • Timely detection of bricks’ defects 
  • Improved quality control 

Which AeyeQ products?

The following product is used to control the bricks.

  • Camera

    AeyeQ Augur

    This Super Smart Camera is an allrounder because he has the ability to handle all your smart solutions.

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