How bring your sports centre management to the next level?

Local sports facilities are the centres of gravity for different communities. They enable a healthy lifestyle for the citizens and create a harmonious space for interest sharing and local social integration.  In my cases, the sport centre managers and owners face problems coordinating the visitors’ traffic and develop an activities schedule that is tuned with the …

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How Edge AI helps the environment?

Detecting garbage Every year governments spend tons of financial and human resources to improve the littering situation and clean the world around us. Regardless of the existing efforts, abandoned garbage continues to slowly penetrate every corner of our public places, natural parks, rivers, and seas, etc.    AeyeQ wants to be in the frontline of the fight …

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How to improve city management e.g. in Brussels?

City management is a complex and complicated task. How would big cities like Brussels improve the comfort of their citizens if the city governments had access to the elaborated city-data?   How would Grand Place change if the tourist board knew more information about visitors’ traffic and behaviour? Do they enter the market via the Guldenhoofdstraat …

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Quality control for medical purposes

Quality control for medical purposes   When it comes to our health, there should be no negotiations about the quality. The manufacturers should effectively detect abnormalities and defects to avoid jeopardizing the quality of results and ensure excellence for the end customer.    The era of AI technology brought new perspectives from the medical products industry. The …

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Railway crossing safety

Railway crossing safety Problem  The railway crossing is a dangerous part of the road. It hides a lot of unpredictable situations that may cost the safety of many people at once. Malfunctioning of safety equipment, risky and malicious behaviour of vehicles and pedestrians, traffic violations and many others.  The solution to this problem contains many components. …

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Preventing accidents in safety zones

Every company with a small or large site always has zones with a higher risk. Entering these zones is forbidden or only allowed under certain circumstances. These zones are consequently more susceptible to accidents.

Safety gear access control

Prevent anybody with the wrong safety gear from entering your premises, connect it to the access control system and revoke access until the personal safety gear is mounted.

Safety gear detection

Safety gear detection

Some people are walking around in your company without the correct safety gear. At certain key-points, you are able to add the ‘AeyeQ Safety Gear Detection’ and have your staff warned when this event would occur.

Driver safety system

AeyeQ Vehicle Safety System

AeyeQ products detect the abnormal behaviour of the driver. Fatigue, drowsiness, distraction, mobile phone use, cigarette detection, non-use of seatbelts and consumption of food or drinks, … there are many possible behaviour patterns of a driver that could lead to dangerous situations.

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