Preventing accidents in safety zones

Preventing accidents in safety zones

Every company with a small or large site always has zones with a higher risk. Entering these zones is forbidden or only allowed under certain circumstances. These zones are consequently more susceptible to accidents. Examples are areas under cranes, areas near loading docks where lorries manoeuvre, construction sites, areas where loads are transported, areas where gases may be present, etc. 

Obviously, these zones must be extensively signposted. But people sometimes ignore warning signs, consciously or unconsciously. Probably always with good intentions. As the manager of such a site or as an employer, you always want to do everything possible to avoid accidents.  

Imagine if smart cameras could very clearly and accurately detect people in dangerous zones and immediately give a warning. Immediate warnings can be a loud signal or an alarm message (Please leave the area). 

Warnings can also be sent to control rooms or a message can be sent to the person in question or the person in charge. If there is a serious risk, production facilities can be shut down immediately or transports interrupted. The visual detection then serves as an emergency stop.

This AeyeQ solution can be built into the existing camera network or be part of an entirely new upset.  

How did this solution originate?  

An industrial company wanted to secure certain zones to avoid accidents. These zones contain a lot of dust, so cameras were not immediately considered.

After analysing the question, a solution was devised that removes the dust so that the view is not obstructed. The company site is divided into warning and alarm zones. Cameras have been installed that warn people depending on the zone. Many possible accidents have thus been avoided, which is the objective, of course. 


  • Fewer accidents in safety zones
  • Clear warnings so that people who previously unknowingly entered certain zones are more attentive

Which AeyeQ products?

The following products are used to prevent accidents in safety zone.

  • Camera

    AeyeQ Augur

    This Super Smart Camera is an allrounder because he has the ability to handle all your smart solutions.

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  • Augur ATEX

    AeyeQ Augur ATEX

    This camera solves the challenge of including Deep learning in explosion sensitive areas.

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  • Edge GPU

    AeyeQ Visionair

    Handles all your existing smart solutions to unleash the full potential of AI.

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